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They shoot angels, don't they ? - (elegies)

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It has now been for more than one thousand curtain raisers that Bartabas has remained in the shadows of his equestrian theater in Fort d’Aubervilliers. Intentionally obscured for three creations, he only appeared to wave at the audience, or to fool around, ridding a dunkey among the turkeys. Now, chanting mysterious elegies in the company of Tom Waits, he is back in the ring like a fallen archangel from his purgatory.

Because here, the angel’s sky is made of clay and the flights are bridled.
Even the Horse paradise isn’t quiet. Which messenger can we turn to, when the coven is constantly reversing, when the angels with the busted wings are returning into the breach?
Who can we trust, as we precariously walk above the volcano? What assumption can we believe in when punishment comes at the sound of grand organs?
With this new performance, the thirteenth in thirty years, Zingaro carries on his poetic and equestrian quest into the unknown.
Laughter goes often pacing in this chimera pit each time reinvented, where butcher looking clowns get jiggy with old tunes. But let’s listen to Tom Waits’ wild and heady voice fighting the darkness: you’re innocent when you dream.


A creation by Théâtre équestre Zingaro
Conception, stage design, direction : Bartabas
Music (non exhaustive list) : Tom Waits, Olivier Messiaen, Sergueï Prokofiev, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jean-Louis Florentz, Thierry Escaich, …

Photo : Hugo Marty – copyright
Title design : Ernest Pignon-Ernest

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